Monday, 2 May 2016

Reflections on A-Z

Dear Diary,

A-Z is over and along with it this month of April.

Honestly I did not think that completing this challenge would have been possible. I had exams every alternate day in the first two weeks and back to back papers this last week.  Add to it, this heat that  has been driving me mad.

But in spite of it all I'm so glad that I did it. I visited some amazing blogs and learnt so many things. A-Z always leaves me happier and richer in terms of encounters and experiences. Glad to have had this experience.

The Sunday Visitor.


  1. I think you are amazing for juggling end of term school demands with the busy A-Z Challenge, of course I already knew you were amazing! :-) As usual, you did a great job here of presenting lots of good things to think about. I agree with you, when it's all over we may feel a bit tired, but there is also the joy of the connections made and thoughts exchanged. See you same time next year! :-)

  2. Hi Sunday - I think writing exams and doing the A-Z - would be totally beyond me ... so well done is all I can - and so good to see you enjoyed the experience and feel richer in terms of your encounters and experiences - yes I missed it this year ... take care and enjoy being home and relaxing before College starts again ... cheers and congratulations - Hilary

  3. You did a wonderful job and I am glad you stayed the course. So many times we find out just what strength is within us when we are pushed beyond what we think our boundaries are. Now enjoy your well deserved vacation and come back refreshed and regenerated, ready to get back onto the path that leads to your destiny.

    Patrica @ EverythingMustChange


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