Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Dear Diary,

For E, I have chosen the word Extraordinary.

I think each and everyone is extraordinary in their own special way.

They may not know it yet but, that's ok. Life is a series of discoveries and discovering one's extraordinary, takes some time. We are all too busy being regular and trying to fit in, that we forget our uniqueness and individuality.

Today, my message to everyone reading this is stop fitting your star shaped self, into the square mould of society. Embrace your uniqueness, your extraordinariness.

Extraordinarily yours,

The Sunday Visitor.


  1. good post, wish more people would follow that advice. :-)

  2. I totally love the imagery of "star shaped selves" and I will remember it! I have long loathed the concept of being stuffed into ordinary square cubes, all just the same. We are all created wonderfully unique and extraordinary indeed! There is not a person born who does not have special gifts and is different from all others... nothing ordinary about that at all! Truly lovely post for E, Judy Girl, how I enjoy having you back here blogging again! :-)

    1. Thankyou Josie. I agree. We are all made differently and we should embrace our uniqueness. It's lovely to be back :)

  3. Hi! Great to see you for this challenge again this year. And yes, we all are extraordinary :)

    Points To Ponder

  4. I love the thought of star shaped people^^ Although I am pretty sure some people are hexagon shaped or round.

  5. "stop fitting your star shaped self, into the square mould of society..."

    I LOVE that quote!! Is it your own or where did it come from please!


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