Saturday, 2 April 2016


Dear Diary,

For B, I have chosen Blue. I love colours in general and my clothes reflect that, but I cannot deny that I have a soft corner for Blue. I love blue, all shades of it. It calms me and has this soothing, tranquil effect that very few other colours have.

Yet, I find it so hard to believe that a colour this beautiful, has such negative connotations attached to it. Take Monday Morning Blues or the classic expression "I'm feeling Blue". It's just sad and my heart goes out to blue.

I feel it's time that Blue is given it's due. It's time we think of Blue in a new light. It's time we realise the uniqueness that is the colour Blue and associate it with brighter, happier things. Blue to me means the sky and candy floss clouds on a good summers day and the beach which is one of my many happy places. Take a minute out today and think of what blue means to you. Leaving you with this quote :

Truly bluely yours,

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S : This is the second post in the A-Z Blogging Challenge Series.


  1. Such a wonderful post! Great take on blue. My mother felt the same about the colour as you do :)
    Have a great weekend!

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  2. That is so true about the color blue; I hadn't thought of it that it is also associated when one is not feeling themselves. My mom's favorite color was blue :)

    thanks for visiting!


  3. I love the color blue--to me it is the sky above us reflected everywhere.

  4. Blue is by far my favorite color. It relaxes me and in this crazy busy world I need blue to not be blue.

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    1. That's a nice way to put it. I agree. We all need a little blue to not be blue.

  5. I too adore the color blue in all shades. My closet proves that! Looking forward to staying connected.
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  6. I love the coolness of blue, and I really love it in contrast to oranges and reds.

  7. Lovely. The way you describe it, blue sounds just delightful.

  8. What a lovely topic for B! It just so happens that blue is Papa Bear's favorite color and the main rooms of our house are painted a light sky blue with white trim. It is not sad or dreary in any way, it is cool, comforting, and light. We love it! Here in West Texas the blue sky is a huge canopy over our flat land, and it always makes me smile! It is funny how we tend to perceive colors as we've been taught. I once though black was a very negative color until I learned how the Lakota people look at that color, now I see it in a different light as well. All colors are sacred and I truly love them all!
    Josie Two Shoes from Josie's Journal

    1. Your house must be beautiful :) I love all the colours too :)

  9. Blue is one of my favourite colours! The colour of oceans, sky and jewels, sapphire and turquoise and aquamarine and lapis lazuli. I like to think of blue as the most versatile colour - it can be sad, cool, happy, anything you wish it to be. Thanks for popping over to my blog.

    Good luck with the rest of challenge.


    1. That's an interesting way to look at blue. Perhaps depending on one's mood, Blue will change in significance.

  10. Blue is one of my favorite colors also. I love looking into blue heaven and see it sprinkled with cumulus clouds. I sit or lie and then dream.
    Patricia @ EverythingMustChange


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