Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year

Dear Diary,

Happy New Year.

Another year has gone by and a new one has begun. I'm back in the hostel for my second semester after a month long fruitful vacation. 2016 looks like an interesting year. I have already signed up for two things.

1. @100BooksPact

The initiative is to read more this year and I'm in. I read 80 books last year and I want to read more this year. I have already started reading my first book for it, will write a review soon.

2. The Brunch Book Challenge #BrunchBookChallenge

Frequent visitors know that I have been participating in this challenge since 214 and won the first time. This time we have to read 24 books and at least three of them have to be on India or by Indian authors. I'm giving it a twist of my own. I'm going to read 24 books on India or by Indian authors.

I know that's a lot of books but that's what 2016 is all about. Reading more, exploring more and discovering more. Of course it will have other adventures too :p

What are you doing this new year?

The Sunday Visitor.

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  1. Happy New Year to you Dear Friend! I'm excited for you to be back at school and continuing with this chapter of your life! I'd love to hear more about how it differs from your early college years, and what you did while you were on vacation. I so appreciate your love for reading. Those who read think, learn, understand and grow!


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