Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Dear Diary,

It's been ages since I made an entry and I feel so terrible about it. I have so many things to write about. First things first,

Sunday, 13th September 2015, the seniors gave us a welcome party. It's called 'Freshers'. Every Freshers has a theme. Ours was 'Traditional dress of the state we come from,' So with the help of my senior and friends, I dressed up as a Goan girl. Goa is where my story begins, so it is fitting that I choose that state.

The Freshers was a lot of fun. the seniors put in a lot of effort to make it enjoyable for us. two students from the batch were chosen to be Mr Fresher and Ms Fresher respectively. Guess who won Ms Freshers? Yes!! It was yours truly :D

Here are some images of the lovely night.
Goan Chica.

Attempt to pull off the cool look.

The pretty friend

Isn't she cute?

France meet India

France Forever

Because the balloon matched her sari.

The balloon matched my skirt.

When Western Met Indian

Until next time,

The Sunday Visitor.

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