Monday, 28 September 2015

Book Review : The Girl In the Spider's Web


Stieg Larsson's Millennium series is one of the most popular thrillers in the last decade. The concept of 'The Girl' with a dragon tattoo and piercings all over, trying to hack through the most difficult networks in the world appealed to a wide range of readers worldwide. Lisbeth Salander has a unique character that stands for a lot of things taken away from her when she was a child. She went through a lot of abuse and trauma to emerge as a very strong woman who can nonchalantly hack through any computer but has her own ethics. She doesn't do it for fun, or to victimize anybody; she has her own reasons. Working with the formidable journalist Mikael Blomkvist, they unlocked mysteries together and embarked on dangerous journeys in the previous books.

This time, Lisbeth Salander is back, and she's recreated by David Lagercrantz. The book is translated by George Goulding. It doesn't begin with Lisbeth at action, but concentrates on unfolding the mysterious case of a computer scientist. Mikael Blomkvist seems a tired and bruised man trying to save his job at Millennium. When he's connected to the scientist, he becomes sudden witness to a murder and things begin to roll. No book in this series can be written without Lisbeth and she plays a major role here too.

David Lagercrantz has done a good job in continuing the series. It may not be comparable with Stieg Larsson, but it definitely has the flavour. Lagercrantz has blended his own style into the characters and done a commendable job with Blomkvist and Salander this time. I guess the readers would like to read more of them in the coming years.


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The Sunday Visitor.

Sunday, 27 September 2015


Dear Diary,

Onam is a popular festival in South India. In the Univeristy, Onam was celebrated with a lot of fun. Everyone dressed up for the occasion and a pretty decoration was made, entirely out of flowers called Pookhalam.

The Onam Look

Bringing Sexy Back

The Man without the Mundu

When the second musketeer got distracted

The coy pose

 Enjoying life in a new city.

Yours truly,

The Sunday Visitor.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Things for granted

Dear Diary,

Very often in life, I find myself or those around me cribbing over small things. It's at these times that I try to remind myself and those around me that our lives are comparatively easier. People face bigger and more difficult problems in  life, they surmount it and emerge victorious.

An acquaintance, is cribbing about the room she occupies, because it does not get any sunlight, she is unhappy all the time and her pessimism, is slowly permeating the atmosphere. I don't know how to get across to her that having a roof above one's head is a blessing in itself. There are so many people who don't possess that luxury.

 Apart from the lack of sunlight, the room has all the amenities that a person needs. A bed, cupboard, shelf, study table, chair and electricity, yet she cribs. I have seen children of all ages, sitting on the road in the late evening, studying under street lamps and they never complain.

Her unhappiness on something as a trivial as a room, makes me feel extremely sad. It reminds me of what I read once,

It's a constant reminder of how we take the things we get for granted.  I hope and pray that good sense prevails and she realises on her own how trivial her problem is.

The Sunday Visitor.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Dear Diary,

It is impossible to stay in Hyderabad and not visit the Charminar even once. Although I visited it the first time I came here, with my parents, visiting it with friends was a different experience all together. The images below will testify to that.

Batman Met Superman at the Station

Selfie with the monument

ANother Selfie

Three's Company

So many colours

Fancy a bangle, anyone?

Not a painting, but a picture.

Such a beauty in the night

So glorious.

The most excited of the lot.

She stands still,  while life passes her by.

Souvenirs of the trip

The Sunday Visitor.


Dear Diary,

It's been ages since I made an entry and I feel so terrible about it. I have so many things to write about. First things first,

Sunday, 13th September 2015, the seniors gave us a welcome party. It's called 'Freshers'. Every Freshers has a theme. Ours was 'Traditional dress of the state we come from,' So with the help of my senior and friends, I dressed up as a Goan girl. Goa is where my story begins, so it is fitting that I choose that state.

The Freshers was a lot of fun. the seniors put in a lot of effort to make it enjoyable for us. two students from the batch were chosen to be Mr Fresher and Ms Fresher respectively. Guess who won Ms Freshers? Yes!! It was yours truly :D

Here are some images of the lovely night.
Goan Chica.

Attempt to pull off the cool look.

The pretty friend

Isn't she cute?

France meet India

France Forever

Because the balloon matched her sari.

The balloon matched my skirt.

When Western Met Indian

Until next time,

The Sunday Visitor.

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