Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Updates on my life

Dear Diary,

I know you must be wondering what is wrong with me. It's been ages since I wrote a post and you must be anxious to know what is going on in my life. Well, here it goes :


M. A in French in Hyderabad. (you remember it from here)

Yes, that's what I'm doing. Those who know me, are aware of how much I love France and French. So for further studies, I decided to pursue what I love the most. It wasn't easy though. If you remember the entire month of May, I was M.I.A, I was in fact busy preparing for Entrance tests and here I am.

My classes have begun and I'm enjoying myself a lot. Living in a new city, away from home and family, new friends, new environment, hostel life : it's an adventure and I'm here to experience it to the fullest =D

Will keep you updated,

Till then,

The Sunday Visitor.

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