Thursday, 18 June 2015


Dear Diary,

Some time back, I had written about how I would be graduating in June, well that day has come and gone. 13th June 2015 will go down as a day to remember in my life. Graduation Day. It was phenomenal. The black cap with the black gown was something I had only imagined and that became a reality. To top it all, I graduated with the highest aggregate in 3 papers of History making me the Topper among the double major students of my combination. A wonderful surprise.

With my Dad

My History professor 

The people who gave me the best year of my life.

With the girls From Std 4 to Graduation. A long journey.

The partner in all things fun : Internships, heritage Walks.

Picture Perfect.

The girls who made English Literature fun.

The Mandatory Graduation Single Picture

The next aspiring Graduate

It's time for the next chapter in my life, will keep you updated.

The Sunday Visitor.


  1. Hi - many congratulations ... and what a great achievement - and here's to the next chapter in your life, with lots of diary updates ... cheers Hilary

  2. Graduation is always so wonderful. Congratulations!


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