Friday, 24 April 2015


Dear Diary,

A few days ago, I was teaching my cousin a chapter in Economics entitled Utility. So we discussed total utility, marginal utility, diminishing marginal utility.

It had me reminiscing on how when I studied the same concepts, I found absolutely no utility in them and they did not make sense to me.

That's when I realized, sometimes we need to look beyond the utility of things and do them just for the love of it, something like 'Art for Arr's sake.' Utility is important but it's not everything.

The Sunday Visitor.


  1. This is a lesson I need to learn. I often won't do things unless there is some sort of pay-off.

    Precious Monsters

  2. You sorta lost on me this. But, I agree do things because you want to, or can, or because someone benefits. Everything doesn't need to be selfish.

  3. Great post and a valuable lesson.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck with the rest of the challenge :)


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