Tuesday, 9 September 2014

60 Minutes - Book Review.


How do you spend 60 Minutes of your time?

One hour, sixty minutes, three thousand and six hundred seconds. Seems like a sufficiently long span of time, but an hour in the life of Agastya, a successful and ambitious CEO and the protagonist  in Upendra Namburi’s novel 60 Minutes shows just how precious time is in reality.

Dealing with a rivalry with a CEO from company, a woman scorned, a marriage in jeopardy, an addiction to the bourses and the impending launch of a product that can make or break his career, Agastya is racing against time and sixty minutes is all he has to save himself, his job and everything he holds dear.

The book does absolute justice to its title. The chapters keep the reader abreast with the time and the situation. The few lines on each new chapter provide an interesting perspective and give the reader a little hint of what to expect in the chapter. They blend well with the chapter thus enhancing the readers experience.

The author cleverly employs an engaging technique of back and forth narration, consequently helping the reader understand the predicament and motives of the characters better. The back story of the important characters like Maithili, Sailesh Rao and Agastya renders the book more interesting. It also gives the book it’s refreshing quality and helps the reader keep up with the story.

 The cover page of the book captures the essence of the plot. Set in a fast paced city like Mumbai, the two large digits display a shot of the bustling city life, encapsulating the spirit of the novel.

Sixty Minutes is an interesting, fast paced corporate drama which keeps you gripped till the end. The unexpected twists and turns, surprising revelations, secret past liaisons will keep you at the edge of your sofa and biting your finger nails. The author like a true marketing professional , doles out a little gyan here and there, to aid the reader with little or no knowledge of the bourse and marketing.

If you want to try something different by a desi author for a change, I highly recommend Upendra Namburi’s book Sixty Minutes. It has all the elements of a Bollywood masala movie : action, romance, suspense and a lot more. Don’t waste 60 seconds in thinking. Give 60 minutes a shot. You will not regret it. I give it a 4/5.

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