Sunday, 13 July 2014

Musings of a soon to be 20 something old.

Dear Diary,

I have this habit. You can call it annoying but it’s something I developed as a kid and continued over the years. As a child anyone older to you by a good margin of 8-20 years is an ‘Adult.’ I was and still am curious about adults.

So whenever there is a birthday of one of the adults in my family I ask them, “So how does it feel getting a year older? Do you feel more adult like?” and their varying replies always fascinate me.

I will be 20 soon, no wait, tomorrow to be more precise and it will be unfair to exclude myself from this question. It feels great being a year older because I remember as a kid I was always excited at the prospect of becoming an adult, going out into the world, being independent.

It’s also a little daunting because in many ways I’m still a kid. I learn new things everyday and these experiences are slowly shaping up my personality as a whole. I don’t feel like an adult right now but I doubt its something that you feel immediately. It comes slowly and gradually.

Not so long ago 20 seemed like just another number but now that it’s a few hours away, it’s more than two digits. So while I'm passing through a phase of mixed emotions before the clock strikes 12, I'll keep telling myself 

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S : I'd love to know what you were thinking before your twentieth birthday, what were you feeling on your 20th birthday.

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  1. Congratulations on 20. But may you always have an eager and questioning child inside you.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


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