Friday, 13 June 2014

May & June

Dear Diary,

Sorry for such a long gap, I was very occupied these past two months. I have been upto a lot of things. I managed to complete the challenge I was participating in. I read 24 books even before the year got over :)

I aced my Spanish Exam with 86% unfortunately I'm not doing another level as Spanish is really close to French and in all likelihood I will mix them both and invent a new language Spench or Franish :)

Here's what I have been doing and what I did :

I started reading a book in French 

I celebrated one of my closest friend's birthday.
Gang of Girls!

The last day of My French Class.

I won a Twitter Contest held by a fashion blogger and a dear friend.
Everyone needs to be pampered for a change!

I spent a week surrounded by the hills in a hill station

The Hills are alive!

The view from the building.

I also started a blog in French so do check it out Le Journal D'un Francophile

Gotta run,

The Sunday Visitor.


  1. Welcome back :) You surely have been busy :)
    Cool pictures there!

  2. how cool that is :-) i was wondering where u hav been.. but u hav spent some quality time :-) and yes welcome back :-) reading dis post I wished i knew french too :| its always been a dream bt no coachin classes here :-\

    1. Hi Swathi! Good to see you too. How's engineering going? That's extremely sad, Don't worry it's possible to learn the language online too that too absolutely free. Try

  3. You have completed 24 books already... thats so cool ..


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