Thursday, 24 April 2014

U is for Understanding

Dear Diary,

For u, I recommend: Understanding.

Misunderstanding and distrust causes the downfall and eventual ruin of many a relationship. A little understanding goes a long way in maintaining and nurturing a bond.

It’s often tough to be understanding especially when you are mad at someone or if you are really hurt but you should try. Put yourself in that person’s shoes and you will realize their motives and understand them a bit better. At such times I keep reminding myself what Nick’s father told him, “not everyone has the same advantage as you.”

Here are two nice quotes I came across,

The Sunday visitor


  1. I'm trying very hard to be patient with someone right now, so I'll try to keep these quotes and your post in mind today. Thank you.

  2. Understanding another person is not easy. It requires an open mind and a lot of effort. However, if done with a few persons, it soon comes naturally.

  3. we nvr know wat d othr person is gng thro until we step in their shoes! so we can atleast try n be understanding! good one :)

    1. Yes Swathi. Being open minded is the least we can do.

  4. One of the hardest things we have to do in order to keep the peace.

  5. Understanding can be so hard and yet it can bring such rewards. Of course it always helps when it comes from both sides :).
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  6. understanding can be the key to a lasting relationship! well said!

  7. It's definitely easy to be understanding when you're looking at a situation from a distance - it's when you're in the thick of it that the real test begins!

  8. All I can do is nod my head in complete agreement. You can't see me, but I am.
    Nana Prah


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