Friday, 4 April 2014

E is for Entertain Good Thoughts

Dear Diary,

For E I recommend: Entertain Good Thoughts.

I often wonder if our brain is wired in such a way that we lean more to the negative side than the positive side. Psychologists will disagree with me but it’s a thought that keeps recurring.

Good thoughts are as necessary as oxygen in our lives. Pointing somebody’s faults, criticizing others is easy but we should always remember what Nick’s father told him in The Great Gatsby ‘Not everyone has the same advantage that you have.

Be positive about life, if something does not go your way say “Everything happens for a reason” If times are tough remind yourself “This too shall pass” and when you feel that you have reached rock bottom and you have nowhere to go say to yourself “His failure is not failure, whom God leads on.”

Try It today and every single day till it becomes a habit. If someone’s negative thoughts are disturbing you, pass on your good thoughts to them and see the change that slowly comes about.

The Sunday Visitor


  1. Completely support your view here. Good thoughts make the world a much nicer place.

  2. Oh I absolutely agree! Seems like we're both talking about 'oxygen' today! :)

  3. Funny that this post comes today. This week, I've found myself saying a prayer for two people I do not like. Positive thoughts for a speedy recovery or that they find peace. It's almost therapeutic.

  4. I don't really think of myself as a negative person, and yet I do often have pessimistic thought processes, particularly when it comes to politics and things like that. But I think in my day to day life I'm a fairly upbeat person. Even if I am an introvert and so need a lot of alone time!!

    1. We all have that occasionally pessimistic thought and that's when we need to entertain good thoughts!

  5. The older I get the more I hear myself (as well as my wife) saying "Everything happens for reasons"....because we truly mean it and believe it.

    A more positive attitude can help combat the perils of this crazy world.

  6. So true. Maintaining good thoughts is vital to getting what we want and where we want to go in life.

  7. Remember that song...

    I am Promise
    I am a Possibility
    I am a Promise, Promise
    With a capital P...

    Positivity is the way to go. I think it more social than mental leaning towards negativity. It gets so much focus these days, it's sad.

    1. I agree, it's more of a social leaning. Thanks for reminding me of the song!!

  8. Being positive is so important and sometimes it's hard, but it can really be a blessing.
    Tasha's Thinkings - AtoZ (Vampires)
    FB3X - AtoZ (Erotic Drabbles)

  9. All for positive thinking (entertaining good thoughts), but no matter how hard we try, that negative one keeps pushing to the forefront.
    Dropping by on the A to Z. :)

  10. I agree with your thought that we might tend toward the negative, we are so easily defeated. We need to learn to be more flexible in life, to take what each day brings and know that if today is not a great one, tomorrow will be better. I might allow myself a brief interlude of self-pity, but I refuse to be defeated for long!


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