Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Challenge!!

Dear Diary,

I am Super excited. I'm taking part in this new challenge that has been initiated by the city newspaper. I have to read 24 books in the span of this year. That's 2 books a month and any genre of my choice. The only rule is that I have to keep them updated on what I'm reading and how I'm finding it by tweeting.

I have already started reading The Great Gatsby for my American Literature class and I will start reading another novel soon. Being a bookworm it's an added incentive for me to read 24 novels and have a platform to voice my opinion on the plots and characters. Plus meet other people and share my ideas with them. Just like I did in the A-Z Challenge.

I'll keep you updated on how it's going. But for the time being I'm set and like one of my favorite cartoon characters says:

Geared and fired up,

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S : My resolutions are going well till now. I learnt to knead the dough =DI'm making progress.

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