Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hola 2014!!

Dear Diary,

2014 is here.

 Looking back at 2013 I'm thankful to God for the lovely moments which have now become memories.

 Like my cousin's winter wedding, my first internship, trying my hand at pottery, participating in the A-Z Blogging challenge, meeting Josie Two Shoes  and other amazing bloggers  from all over the world online and learning from them, learning Spanish and becoming an aunt.
I hope 2014 is full of such amazing moments .

As customary I made a few resolutions at the stroke of midnight and I hope to stick to them religiously.
1> Be a better person than what I was last year.
2>Smile more often.
3>Learn to cook. < Yes I'm a total dinosaur in the kitchen so this year I'm planning to acquire basic cooking skills>
4> Blog at least once a month and participate in The A-Z Challenge

This new year is a new opportunity to accomplish the tasks that were left halfway or make true promises that were once made. Starting today 364 days of joy, surprises, happiness, and sadness await us and it's up to us to live everyday to the fullest. So when we receive a call from the Almighty we can answer it and have No Regrets at saying goodbye.

Leaving with you a motto that I have decided to live by this year.

Happy New Year !!

The Sunday Visitor

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