Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tidbits of life from TINY TOTS!

Dear Diary,
It’s been ages since I last wrote a blogpost. I have been incredibly busy the past few months as something or the other kept cropping up but finally, my exams are over and now I have an entire month for myself to do as I please and blogging tops the list J

The only thing that has helped me gets through the past few hectic weeks apart from my family are my neighbors. You may wonder what my neighbors did and how they could help me.

I am extremely fortunate to have two families with two tiny tots as my neighbors. The tiny tots are my companions and I love to spend time with both of them. It’s just something about kids that makes one happy and puts a big smile on one’s face. No matter how tough a day I have had or the unending pile of assignments that await me, I always find it easy to destress with the two of them around me.

Children are so positive and full of life and light that it’s hard to be pessimistic around them. Their take on life is completely different than that of an adult. They don’t judge people and open themselves up easily, they love unconditionally and don’t mince words. They never aim at being diplomatic or pleasing anyone [unless you hold a chocolate in your hand] and can always be counted on for a good dose of laughter.

Here’s a wonderful picture I came across.

I wonder why we don’t think like two year old’s anymore? Why is our take on life so pessimistic and negative? I think it’s one of those questions that remain unanswered. If you have a theory or an answer do tell me.

The Sunday Visitor.

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