Sunday, 21 July 2013


Dear Diary,

This is a special entry for Two Shoes Tuesday,

I have realised that the simplest things in life, the ones we don't think about much, are the ones that have the most impact.

Take for example words.

We use them everyday, all the time, this very instant. I'm using the medium of words to write and communicate my thoughts to you.

Sometimes we use these word randomly, rarely realising the impact they have on those around us. Einstein's teacher called him a dunce and sent him out of class. Little did she know, that he would change the history of science forever.
Often we get lost in the labyrinth of words and are unable to put our point across, we resort to jargon when simple words do the trick. For fear of being laughed at, we complicate the easiest things, by using words sometimes whose meanings we are not quite aware of.

Words can make or break a person, it all depends on how they are used.An encouraging word will ignite curiosity and a passion for learning, a discouraging one will diminish the hopes and dreams linked to it.

Begin today, use your words with care. If you can't encourage someone, don't discourage them. You never know the one you call 'good for nothing' today, will turn out to be 'an inventor who changed the face of the world' tomorrow.

Your words may change someone's life, so don't ever leave the important words unsaid.

Leaving you with a personal favorite of mine.

The Sunday Visitor.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Just Believe

Dear Diary,

This is an entry for Two Shoes Tuesday.

A friend once told me If you believe in something, you can create it, If you can create it then you can give others an opportunity to see it and believe in it. So it all starts with a belief.

There are times when  people do not believe us and the things we stand for, they make fun of us and ridicule us for our fanciful ideas, those are the people who lack imagination and thwart creativity. It's at this time when we ought to stand our ground firmly, give our beliefs priority and make our actions speak more than our words.

 Had J.K.Rowling given up on magic, we would never have Harry Potter to begin with. Had Steve Jobs given up his beliefs, Apple would not have become what it is today. Had people stopped believing in the power of Prayer, miracles would have never occurred.

Believe in something no matter how small, how weird, have faith that it's true. Don't allow people to tell you the opposite. Believe in your dreams, in magic, in fairies, in God and his creation. Believe that everything happens for a reason and  that there's something better in store for you.


Leaving you with a quote I like

The Sunday Visitor.

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