Saturday, 25 May 2013

Begin Today!

Dear Diary,

                    This blogpost is a special entry for Two Shoes Tuesday.

Many times I hear people saying, " I wish I could begin anew. I would never repeat the mistakes that I did. Everything would be so much simpler then. I wish I could time back."

I really don't understand  it. If we could take time back and reverse everything we did we would never be the same people that we are today. Where we stand is a result of the choice that we make, the decisions we take and the kind  of  values that we stick to.

We always want to begin something again but we rarely use the new beginnings that are given to us. Each day is a new beginning, 24 Hours of  freedom to do as we wish, yet we forget that and wander in the lanes of our past hoping and praying for time to go back.

I have realised that new beginning is not always required, sometimes the best thing to do is go with the flow. You will discover something you never knew before.

Leaving you with a quote that inspired me :

The Sunday Visitor.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lessons from A Pottery Session

Dear Diary,

I recently tried my hand at pottery and might I just say it's wonderful. The feel of the wet clay in your hands, slowly giving it shape, moulding it to the perfect size, patiently giving it the finishing touch.

Now I look at potters and pottery in a whole new light. Pottery is an art which requires patience, steady hands and above all a clear idea of what you want to make.

 The whole experience made me think how we are all potters, the clay we mould is our future. Patiently we need to define it, give it shape through our actions, mould it to our liking : the manner we want it to be. We cannot blame others if the masterpiece of our future is faulty as ultimately we are the ones who made it.

We might not be perfect but the best part is that we can always try again!!

Leaving you with a picture of my masterpiece :

The Sunday Visitor.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Mother's Day

Dear Diary,
                   This post is dedicated to all mothers and  to every teacher who is a second mother.

Mother a word that encompasses the whole wide world into it. 'Ma' one of the first words that we utter, as kids. She is the first person who comes into our mind when we are scared, worried or hurt. Mother has the amazing power to make everything all right, to offer the simplest solutions to the most complicated problems, to find things that we think are lost. She offers wings to our dreams and sees the best in us in times when we can't see it in ourselves. She sacrifices her needs and wants to fulfill our desires. A mother is someone we know we can always fall back on.

 Yesterday we celebrated mother's day and I thought is one Mother's day, once a year enough to thank that wonderful lady who for nine months and even after that nurtured us and supported us. Why don't we celebrate Mother's day everyday? Isn't the main idea behind mother's day to make our moms feel special?  Why do we wait for that designated one day, which is so commercialised just to buy our mums a ready made card and a box of outsourced chocolates?

I feel it's better to do something special for our moms everyday. It may be something small like kissing her goodnight before going to bed, that's what I do. Send her a message or an email telling her you care, or write her a post it saying she's in your thoughts, a phone call or skype session will surely get you a smile, cook her a meal or maybe just her favorite dish, buy her the flowers she love. It's the simplest thing in life that are the mos important  so make them count. Make your mom feel special everyday - she deserves it! Tell her you love before it's too late.

Leaving you with a quote I love :

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S : Happy Mother's Day to all!!


Thursday, 2 May 2013

Looking Back

Dear Diary,

                     As I wrote my last A-Z post on Tuesday, I felt  exhilarated, at completing the challenge, but also sad that the challenge was now over, I no longer have a reason to get up in the middle of the night and scribble the next day's post in my Diary.

                       Thanks to the challenge, I discovered some amazing blogs, and made many blogger friends. I got a chance to share my thoughts with bloggers around the world, who were kind enough to leave comments and also started following me. A Big Thankyou to Arlee Bird for promoting my blog, it has crossed the 50 followers mark : ) Kudos to the A-Z co-hosts and the entire team for such a successful venture !!

                      I learnt that one subject can be looked at through different perspectives. Many a times, our words clashed, but our methods of approaching it was completely different! This challenge was an excellent learning experience for me and I had a lot of fun! This year I chose random topic, next year I'll try to stick to a theme for a change.

                     Everyday I got to learn something new and witness something delightful. Some posts were funny, while some others were thoughtful and thought provoking. It was a delight to read them and comment on them!

                      I look forward to the challenge next year and to having more fun!

The Sunday Visitor.

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