Thursday, 4 April 2013

E is for EaCh DaY, eVeRy DaY.

Dear Diary,
                          For ’E’ I have chosen this word which I come across almost every time. It irks me to no end, making me very angry when I ask people How their day was and they reply, “ Oh, the usual. The same, as  every day.” I can’t understand, How can that be possible?
                         Every day is a new day. In this span of 24 hrs we get a chance to meet new people, make new friends, flatter our taste buds, learn something new, visit someplace we may have never been before, admire God’s beautiful creation around us, there’s so much to do. When we typecast our day as the same as every day, we are ruining this wonderful gift called Life by not exploring it to the fullest.
                        I believe, each day is a present given to us. We must open it, utilize it to the fullest, seize the opportunities that cross our way and make good use of them, grab life and not allow it pass by in a hurry. We are given another day to avoid repeating the same mistakes that we make every day.

                       So laugh a little harder, get off work early and spend a little time with your loved ones, do something you have never done before, challenge yourself and complete that challenge, try your hand at something new and different.

Leaving you with some food for thought,

Enjoying  life thoroughly,
The Sunday Visitor.



  1. E is for EXCELLENT post! :-) I totally agree with you that we need to put some ENERGY into living each day, to make each day special in some way, to seize opportunities to do things for others and to learn something new. Thank you for the great reminder not to let life become boring, that is a tragic waste!

  2. Thankyou for your encouraging comments!! We share similar views on life :)


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