Monday, 1 April 2013

B is for Being Blind.

Dear Diary,
                       After a lot of deliberation I have realized that sighted people are in actual fact blind. Often things which are right in front of our eyes appear invisible to us. We rarely stop to think about the god-given gift of Sight, or use our eyes to admire God’s beautiful creation.
                   I had the good fortune of meeting a visually challenged lady who in spite of being visually handicap had an exceedingly positive outlook on life.  She showed me how in spite of being sighted I’m still blind to the wonders of the world because I don’t stop to notice the beauty in small things.
                    Our lives are so bogged down by work, education, social commitments that we fail to remove five minutes every day, to just look around and see the beautiful world, that God had made in all his splendor and glory.
                     Try looking at everything around you with a new light. See the fine details in small things; admire the colors and their shades, appreciate the little things you get, and discover something new in everything.

Leaving you with a personal favorite quote from Yann Martel’s ‘Life Of Pi’

Nature can put on a thrilling show, the stage is vast, the lightning is dramatic, the extras are innumerable, and the budget of special effects is absolutely unlimited.

Enjoying it thoroughly,

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S : This is the second post For B in the series of A-Z for the A-Z Blogging challenge.


  1. What wonderful and inspired writing I find here! You are so absolutely right that we tend to take vision for granted and don't realize or appreciate what a gift it is. It's important to stop and see the beauty in things... color, texture, shape, facial expressions, etc. I will definitely back to read more of you're writing, this was an encouraging read, and I like those!

    (Would be really nice if you would remove the captcha word verification thing, it's a pain ;-)

    1. Thankyou so much for such encouraging words. I really appreciate it. Your compliments help to write even better and I'm grateful for that!!

      { P.S Thanks for the word verification Tip,. It took me some time but I finally learnt how to removed it :)}

  2. Yes, much can be learned by walking with others.


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