Sunday, 30 December 2012

Resolution 2013

Dear Diary,
                                       With the new year just a few hours away, it’s time to bring out those little books and write down the ‘New Year Resolutions’  which for  once  we  will stick to religiously, and not conveniently  fail to follow, as the popular saying goes: ‘ Promises and Resolutions are both, meant to be broken.’
                                         While those with a sweet tooth, will resolve to stay away from sweets.  Others will resolve, to eat them and exercise, students will resolve to study hard and get good marks, children will resolve to behave well, spendthrifts will resolve to save more, and a few months gone, all the resolutions will be forgotten. I guess it’s because people aim for something they know they will never achieve.
                                       So this year my new  year resolution is pretty simple and I hope one which I can achieve. I want to be a better person than what I was last year, I will smile more often, I will make more friends because you can never ever have too many friends, I’ll spend more time with my loved ones, and I’ll make someone happy. I’ll  do what I do best,  because when you do something you love, it becomes a habit, and slowly an important part of you.
                                        That’s my new year resolution, Hope you have yours ready, one that you will stick to and at the end of the year be proud that you have achieved.

Leaving you with a quote that helped me make my new year resolution :

“What really matters are the moments, when we are passionate or absorbed, or just happy or the ones we keep wanting to replay in our minds, and the people we can’t stop thinking about.”

The Sunday Visitor.

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