Sunday, 28 October 2012

AnGry..........No MoRe.........

Dear Diary,
                                 I guess, French classes are doing wonders, not just for my French health, but also my physical and mental health.
                                 Something, that our professor told us recently, set the wheels of my mind in motion. She said, “Why waste your time, in getting angry with someone, when you can use the same time, to do something new, and interesting.”
                                   That thought, kept repeating itself in my mind, and I realized it did make sense. Two minutes, of your life spent on getting angry with someone, is two precious minutes lost, minutes that you will never get back again, two minutes less, to devote to something that you love.
                                   Life is short, we have less time, and if we start spending it, on being angry with people, we are simply squandering it away. Two minutes, is a lot especially when you have, a limited quota of time.
                                    In spite, of your growing friend list on Facebook, there are still friends to be made, new places to discover, new languages to be learnt, new cuisine to be tasted, new songs to be sung, new talents to be discovered, a new book or poem to be written, a new masterpiece to be painted.
                                     With so many options open, and so many things waiting to be done, spending our precious time, in showing our displeasure to someone, seems like  a huge folly. Starting today, choose happiness over anger. Be selfish, when it comes to your time, because it’s precious and ,you have only one life. Live it, Enjoy it. There will always be people, who will anger you, the choice is yours.

                     Signing off with a wonderful quote I came across in Jodi Picoult’s book, ‘My sister’s keeper.’

“  The power of positive thinking works like a pair of wings, to get you where you need to be.”

Think Positive, Be Positive.

The Sunday Visitor.

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