Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rain over me

Dear Diary,

                               I love the rains. It's my favourite season, in the whole year. Undoubtedly, each season, has it's own specialty. Summer, has it's shorts and Ice-cream. Winter, has the slight chill, but rains for me, holds the most attraction. Nothing, can beat the smell of the wet earth, after the first showers.

                                Like Taylor Swift, croons in Fearless," Something about the way, the street looks when it's just rained." The beauty of the rains, cannot be described. Everything, looks as though it's washed anew, cleansed, and kept out to dry.

                             Rains, always bring out, some beautiful memories: like drenching yourself in the first showers, curling with a classic, and a hot cuppa chocolate, or a cup of chai and pakodas in the desi style, making paper boats, and letting them sail in the gushing streams, splashing around, in every passing puddle, shopping for rain wear, a large group, of friends sharing an umberella and all of them, getting wet in the pretext.

                              To all my pessimist friends, who are able to find faults, with this beautiful season, I just want to tell you,

 'Lif,e is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain.'

                             So, starting today, don't huddle yourself in a confined space, go out there, and drench yourself. It may sound completely stupid but if  you don't do anything stupid now, you will have nothing to laugh about later.

Enjoying the rain, as you read this,

The Sunday Visitor.


  1. Nothing is more exhilarating, even as an old woman, than to stand in the drenching rain. It cannot help to make smile, it is a baptism of renewal! I live in a very dry part of the country, rain here is much to rare, and when it happens it is a tremendous blessing, even if it comes too much too quickly. We do indeed dance, and we laugh as we get wet! :-)

  2. True I can echo those sentiments! I love the rain! Getting drenched and soaked is a wonderful feeling!!


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