Friday, 8 June 2012


Dear Diary,

                    For reasons that still elude me, I cannot overcome, my fascination with cartoons. As trivial, as it sounds, I am often unable to change the channel, if one of my favourite cartoons is being screened.

                As kids, all of us had our own favourite cartoons,that we waited for  impatiently, and tried very hard to ape.Unknowingly, we learnt a few important life lessons from them. Here are a few of my favourite ones:

              Tom and Jerry, although they fought constantly ,they always put up a united front ,when faced with adversity, (or in their case other rowdy cats.) Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc ,showed us the importance of  teamwork, unity, co-operation and courage. The show also emphasised. on the old adage ' Dog is Man's best friend.' The biggest and most important lesson, I learnt from them was, to stand by my friends no matter what the circumstance.

           One of the reasons, I love leafy vegetables especially spinach, is because of Popeye-The Sailor Man. Need I write more? Oswald the octopus, will forever stay for me, the epitome of politeness.
Bob-The Builder, taught me the importance, of extending my hand to help others.

       I'm proud to say, that I belong to a generation ,where the cartoons imparted such wonderful values, unlike today's ones like Doraemon, Pokemon, Ben10, Shinchan, Ninja hattori. Don't get me wrong, I have no personal grudges against them. It's  just that , these cartoons have a lot of fighting and violence, in them. If you carefully observe, most of the tools, used by  Ninja Hattori and Doraemon are worthy of war.

It would be really nice, if this 'future generation' was given a dose, of the good old cartoons.

         Watching Cartoons, is often my  'Escapist route', as for that period of time, I'm lost into a world totally different ,from my own. Far better than scripted reality shows, and soppy melodramatic ones.
Cartoons, often are a source of providing, the much needed dose of entertainment ,to the kid within us.

Don't be afraid, of people who say you are too old for cartoons, tell them you're still a kid at heart.

The Sunday Visitor......



  1. My husband and I often speak of the wonderful cartoons of our childhood that have been replaced with something entirely different and much darker. Lessons were taught by those beloved characters we watched and laughed at, and all movies at theaters began with one. Now there are just advertisements and promotions and we miss those cartoons!

  2. I know I miss them too! I learnt some of the nest lessons on love, friendship, courage, sharing from these Cartoons!


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