Thursday, 17 May 2012

Those Childhood days

Dear Diary,

                    I recently watched, a fantastic movie called, 'The Time Machine.' Ever since, a thought is constantly invading my mind . Hypothetically, if ever a time machine was built and mortals like us, were given an opportunity, to visit any phase of our life span, which one would it be? Undoubtedly, many people would visit the future, to know what's in store for them.

                         As for me, I would love to visit my childhood. It may sound downright weird, or even funny to some, but that's the period i'd rather have anyday.Those days of carefree innocence, and bliss when, we never worried about the world. Days of endless chatter, when the 'SILENCE' button was relatively unknown.When, we prided ourselves on our achievements, no matter how small.

                    Days, when we swore our loyalty to friends, and stuck by it, watching our friend's back everytime.Revenge and Hatred, did not exist in our dictionary at that time. The time, when we did not posess, the art of diplomacy but, were open and honest. Where the smallest action, of those around could make us burst into peals of laughter, and where our vocabulary, was restricited to good words.

                  Days filled with awe, and wonder and questions, on every little thing.Days, when an eraser magically wiped away all mistakes.When, swinging to the sky, was our only aim. When Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan were our companions, in the land of dreams. Where, the first showers of monsoons meant, dancing in the rain and bearing it's consequences later. Those days, when life itself was perfect, and could not get any better.

                I often consider myself incredibly blessed, on having such a wonderful childhood. As people mature, they suppress the kid within them, and refuse to believe in childish things, like magic and angels. I feel very sad for these people, because childhood is not just a phase, or an aspect that gradually fades away, but a part of our life, whose memories remain with us forever. The kid within us, a reminder that were kids too, once upon a time.

I'm signing off, with a favourite phrase, from the above mentioned movie.

"We all have our own time machines. Those, that take us back in time are memories, and the ones , which carry us forward are dreams."

Reliving beautiful memories,
The Sunday Visitor.


  1. truly well said.... our memories n our dreams r our time machine... :)

  2. You paint such a lovely picture of your childhood in these words, and it takes me back too, to how carefree those days were, when we thought only of school and friends and play and sitting down to family meals. I worry today that children's lives have become so structured that there is little opportunity for just being children, to use imagination, to be carefree, to play. My husband will be sixty years old next month, and had a very difficult childhood, yet he has never lost his playfulness, his sense of humor and laughter and joy in doing little things, like the chocolate cake fight we once engaged in at a table in the restaurant, much to the shock of fellow patrons. We were laughing so hard that we couldn't stop, and of course cleaned up our own mess before we left, but I will always remember the fun of that moment and of so many others I have shared with Papa Bear. It is sad when people feel they have become to old to "let down their hair" and play!

  3. I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, I thank God for it! It's true, children today don't know the pleasures of childhood and that is extremely sad. I'm so happy to know that Papa Bear still has the child within him. That chocolate cake fight must have been a visual delight. How I wish I had witnessed it :)


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