Friday, 11 May 2012

Of the real Superhero

Dear Diary,
                   A diehard moviebuff friend, recently watched 'The Avengers.' Gushing rave reviews, she sudddenly asked me a question, that made me halt in my tracks. The question was, "Who is your favourite Superhero"?  The question though incredibly simple, made me wonder. I knew she wanted an answer, like Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or even ' Your friendly neighbour - Spidey' for that matter. Trying my level best, I could not get myself to answer that question.

                 You may ask, what's so difficult in answering it ? Honestly, for me, they are just a figment of someone's imagination, someone's creativity, brought to life. Undoubtedly they fight against evil and all, but they are not real superheroes.A superhero, as the word suggests, is someone who is beyond the ordinary, someone who makes life worthwhile for others, who stands for what is right, the silent one, who never makes a big show of his actions.

                    For me a real superhero, is that single mother who inspite of doing two jobs, still manages to make it for every important event in her child's life. The silent dad, who looks after every neeed but is seldom thanked. Soldiers at the border, and cops in our area because of whom we sleep soundly at night. The doctors who deprive themselves of their sleep during emergencies. The common man who shows solidarity and generosity in times of need and deep crisis. NGO's  who are striving to make a difference.

                   I have realised that a superhero is not necessarily someone who flies, or possesses supercool gadgets, but someone with a will ,determination, courage and most importantly a heart. There's a superhero within everyone. you just need to find him.  Swallow your fear, stop thinking about the world, and the consequences of your actions, and for once do what is right,and what your heart tells you to.

Unleash the Superhero within,
The Sunday Visitor.


  1. yup very rightly said!!! our parents r our real superheroes!!! :)

  2. You revisited this idea in A-Z and did is so well there too! Yes, I know many superheroes, most of them also wear the label of survivor. It is not always one moment of great power or action that makes us superheroes, sometimes it is struggling long and hard and finally overcoming a situation which seemed impossible. My superheroes are those that decided life should be more and then found a way to make it so. My superheroes are people like you, young people who bring energy, faith, and hope, and have the ability and desire to leave the world a better place than they found it! :-)

  3. Yes, Thank you so much! It's true every superhero is a survivor and they should wear that badge proudly. I like your idea of a true superhero. I'm so touched that you count me as one although I'm just a regular girl trying to share my thoughts and feelings, I'm glad you like them :)


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