Saturday, 26 May 2012


Dear Diary,
                   No matter how hard I try, I cannot recollect the last time I heard anyone say 'THANKYOU.' People take everything for granted, and believe that it's their birthright to be served.The attitude of gratitude, is lost and, 'THANKYOU' is a word buried, in the sands of time.

                   If, we ever give it a thought, we will notice that, we have a lot to be thankful for. Thankful to God, for the gift of life ,through our parents, for blessing us with everything, for each new day,  that he adds to our lifespan, the opportunities that come our way. For the things, he does not grant us, as he knows what is best for us, and gives us much more.

                    Thankful to our parents, for nurturing us and providing us, with evrything even if it meant, sacrificing their wishes.Thankful to our siblings, for their constant companionship, their advice and their help. Our loved ones, for their prayers,care and concern.

                   Thankful to our teachers, for their encouragement and criticism which fuels us to do better. Our friends, for standing by us and supporting us.Our neighbors, for being there in times of need.Those around us, at the lower rung of the social ladder, like the milkman the postman, who make life easy for us.

                   'THANKYOU' can be described, as this beautiful word in English, that encompasses the feeling of gratitude. Feeling of being indebted, to someone for their slightest action.People have a strong misconception, that by saying thankyou they will lose their respect, which is not true. Thankyou only proves, that you acknowledge the favour and are grateful about it.

              Starting today, thank the people around you ,and let them know what they have done is meaningful and worthwhile.

Signing off with a beautiful phrase,

" The real worth of a person can be gauged by the way they trreat their subordinates and what better way to acknowledge it than a simple thankyou?"

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S The title means Thankyou in 3 different languages: French,Spanish and German.


  1. I love people who say thank you, especially to those who don't expect to hear it, like the cleaning lady at the office, or the man who holds the door open. To me, saying thank you is a way of showing respect, it means that I acknowledge your presence and that whatever you just did was meaningful in my life. Those who are not grateful are sad people indeed.

  2. I do that and I love to see the smile that comes on their face. My friends tell me I'm too polite because I say Thankyou to everyone, but I think they deserve it for the hard work they do. Acknowledging gratefulness is a wonderful thing and makes the other person feel worthy and happy!


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