Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't Bag it !!

Dear Diary,

                 I am often astounded at the amount of baggage people carry.No, I am not referring to the 'Arrive in style - Skybags' or 'The Smart International Backpacks, by American Tourister'  but the emotional baggage of hurt, envy, jealousy, regret and hatred.

                 These bags serve no good purpose, except burden our overburdened shoulders, restrict our growth and prevent us, from being better humans. It makes us prejudiced and heartless and we are unable to accept and love people the way they are.

                 I have realised that if you are one of those, who carry this luggage around, no shrink, self - help books can help you.The smartest thing to do is to leave it behind you ,while learning from the experience.

                  In this journey called life, you will meet and greet a few people, who will teach you a thing or two. You will have good experiences and bad ones, both contribute in making you the person you are today. Never shy away from it. Everyone has their quota of mistakes and often people cross the limit.

             Forgiving someone is a hard virtue, but not entirely impossible. If you forgive someone you are forgiven yourself. Forgive, so that you can move on and be a better person than you were, yesterday.

               As my friend says " why fill your bags with so much negativity when you can fill them with ample of postivity ( read, clothes, books, chocolates, jewellery and lots of love)".

Fill your bags with joy and love and pass them around. It will come back to you doubled in measure.

Signing off,  with a favourite sentence from a famous, Justin Timberlake song,

What goes around, comes around........

The Sunday Visitor.




  1. Lovely one Anushka :) Although it is easier said than done, carrying around baggage doesn't do you good. I've been through a phase where I too was lugging around a heavy load and you know what helped me out of it ? Time. That really is the best healer :)

  2. Carrying around those heavy bags of bricks cripples us, at some point we need to realize they serve no good purpose. At some point we must leave all of that behind, forgive the past and be grateful that it has brought us to where we are, and then move on much lighter and willing to share our gifts with the world. Resentment does far more damage to the one that is angry than the one toward whom it is intended. How much happier and healthier we can feel when we let go of it, even when it isn't easy!

  3. Yes it would make a huge difference if we just learned to live in the present and let go of our past baggages. Thankyou so much for sharing your thoughts with me!!


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