Saturday, 26 May 2012


Dear Diary,
                   No matter how hard I try, I cannot recollect the last time I heard anyone say 'THANKYOU.' People take everything for granted, and believe that it's their birthright to be served.The attitude of gratitude, is lost and, 'THANKYOU' is a word buried, in the sands of time.

                   If, we ever give it a thought, we will notice that, we have a lot to be thankful for. Thankful to God, for the gift of life ,through our parents, for blessing us with everything, for each new day,  that he adds to our lifespan, the opportunities that come our way. For the things, he does not grant us, as he knows what is best for us, and gives us much more.

                    Thankful to our parents, for nurturing us and providing us, with evrything even if it meant, sacrificing their wishes.Thankful to our siblings, for their constant companionship, their advice and their help. Our loved ones, for their prayers,care and concern.

                   Thankful to our teachers, for their encouragement and criticism which fuels us to do better. Our friends, for standing by us and supporting us.Our neighbors, for being there in times of need.Those around us, at the lower rung of the social ladder, like the milkman the postman, who make life easy for us.

                   'THANKYOU' can be described, as this beautiful word in English, that encompasses the feeling of gratitude. Feeling of being indebted, to someone for their slightest action.People have a strong misconception, that by saying thankyou they will lose their respect, which is not true. Thankyou only proves, that you acknowledge the favour and are grateful about it.

              Starting today, thank the people around you ,and let them know what they have done is meaningful and worthwhile.

Signing off with a beautiful phrase,

" The real worth of a person can be gauged by the way they trreat their subordinates and what better way to acknowledge it than a simple thankyou?"

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S The title means Thankyou in 3 different languages: French,Spanish and German.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Those Childhood days

Dear Diary,

                    I recently watched, a fantastic movie called, 'The Time Machine.' Ever since, a thought is constantly invading my mind . Hypothetically, if ever a time machine was built and mortals like us, were given an opportunity, to visit any phase of our life span, which one would it be? Undoubtedly, many people would visit the future, to know what's in store for them.

                         As for me, I would love to visit my childhood. It may sound downright weird, or even funny to some, but that's the period i'd rather have anyday.Those days of carefree innocence, and bliss when, we never worried about the world. Days of endless chatter, when the 'SILENCE' button was relatively unknown.When, we prided ourselves on our achievements, no matter how small.

                    Days, when we swore our loyalty to friends, and stuck by it, watching our friend's back everytime.Revenge and Hatred, did not exist in our dictionary at that time. The time, when we did not posess, the art of diplomacy but, were open and honest. Where the smallest action, of those around could make us burst into peals of laughter, and where our vocabulary, was restricited to good words.

                  Days filled with awe, and wonder and questions, on every little thing.Days, when an eraser magically wiped away all mistakes.When, swinging to the sky, was our only aim. When Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan were our companions, in the land of dreams. Where, the first showers of monsoons meant, dancing in the rain and bearing it's consequences later. Those days, when life itself was perfect, and could not get any better.

                I often consider myself incredibly blessed, on having such a wonderful childhood. As people mature, they suppress the kid within them, and refuse to believe in childish things, like magic and angels. I feel very sad for these people, because childhood is not just a phase, or an aspect that gradually fades away, but a part of our life, whose memories remain with us forever. The kid within us, a reminder that were kids too, once upon a time.

I'm signing off, with a favourite phrase, from the above mentioned movie.

"We all have our own time machines. Those, that take us back in time are memories, and the ones , which carry us forward are dreams."

Reliving beautiful memories,
The Sunday Visitor.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Of the real Superhero

Dear Diary,
                   A diehard moviebuff friend, recently watched 'The Avengers.' Gushing rave reviews, she sudddenly asked me a question, that made me halt in my tracks. The question was, "Who is your favourite Superhero"?  The question though incredibly simple, made me wonder. I knew she wanted an answer, like Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or even ' Your friendly neighbour - Spidey' for that matter. Trying my level best, I could not get myself to answer that question.

                 You may ask, what's so difficult in answering it ? Honestly, for me, they are just a figment of someone's imagination, someone's creativity, brought to life. Undoubtedly they fight against evil and all, but they are not real superheroes.A superhero, as the word suggests, is someone who is beyond the ordinary, someone who makes life worthwhile for others, who stands for what is right, the silent one, who never makes a big show of his actions.

                    For me a real superhero, is that single mother who inspite of doing two jobs, still manages to make it for every important event in her child's life. The silent dad, who looks after every neeed but is seldom thanked. Soldiers at the border, and cops in our area because of whom we sleep soundly at night. The doctors who deprive themselves of their sleep during emergencies. The common man who shows solidarity and generosity in times of need and deep crisis. NGO's  who are striving to make a difference.

                   I have realised that a superhero is not necessarily someone who flies, or possesses supercool gadgets, but someone with a will ,determination, courage and most importantly a heart. There's a superhero within everyone. you just need to find him.  Swallow your fear, stop thinking about the world, and the consequences of your actions, and for once do what is right,and what your heart tells you to.

Unleash the Superhero within,
The Sunday Visitor.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't Bag it !!

Dear Diary,

                 I am often astounded at the amount of baggage people carry.No, I am not referring to the 'Arrive in style - Skybags' or 'The Smart International Backpacks, by American Tourister'  but the emotional baggage of hurt, envy, jealousy, regret and hatred.

                 These bags serve no good purpose, except burden our overburdened shoulders, restrict our growth and prevent us, from being better humans. It makes us prejudiced and heartless and we are unable to accept and love people the way they are.

                 I have realised that if you are one of those, who carry this luggage around, no shrink, self - help books can help you.The smartest thing to do is to leave it behind you ,while learning from the experience.

                  In this journey called life, you will meet and greet a few people, who will teach you a thing or two. You will have good experiences and bad ones, both contribute in making you the person you are today. Never shy away from it. Everyone has their quota of mistakes and often people cross the limit.

             Forgiving someone is a hard virtue, but not entirely impossible. If you forgive someone you are forgiven yourself. Forgive, so that you can move on and be a better person than you were, yesterday.

               As my friend says " why fill your bags with so much negativity when you can fill them with ample of postivity ( read, clothes, books, chocolates, jewellery and lots of love)".

Fill your bags with joy and love and pass them around. It will come back to you doubled in measure.

Signing off,  with a favourite sentence from a famous, Justin Timberlake song,

What goes around, comes around........

The Sunday Visitor.



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