Monday, 16 April 2012


Dear Diary,

I have noticed life today has become so stressful people have no time to laugh. Laughter has become a rarity. Earlier people smiled with their eyes and their hearts the smile was genuine and now it's just replaced by a fake plastic smile the kind that has no meaning but it’s there.

the sound of someone's laughter always brings a smile to our face it lightens our hearts and makes us realize that life is about small things it’s about dancing in the rain not caring if we get wet, or eating an ice cream on a hot summers day inspire of it melting and running down our hands. It's about giving to others without expectations of receiving.

A smile is the cheapest Gift we can give anyone its free of cost but worth a lot. it brightens our day as well as the other persons and not to forget its contagious it passes around faster than the flu. I’ve heard someone saying "always smile in the morning it makes people wonder what you did last night......"

Determined to make the world smile,
The Sunday visitor


  1. hey sunday visitor....i agree with you to the point T ...hope this world is bestowed with more people like more!!!

  2. people now a days have to give false smiles to the other persons since they need to take out their work .....

  3. well done sunday visitor . hope u succeed in ur endevor to make the world smile
    best of luck and well written

  4. The smile is the most powerful of all acts we can commit, the smile is the greeting sign of love, compassion, humanity! I try to smile at people I don't know all the time. Sometimes they smile back, sometimes they look at me strangely, but always there is a human connection made. Sometimes it is the only smile they will see that day! A kind word is another form of lighting up lives too!

  5. Very true! It has happened to me too. People look at me strangely but I still continue to smile. I agree with you sometimes that's the only smile they may get. I like to smile and make people smile.


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