Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blissful Holidays

Dear Diary,

So Where are you headed this summer?

                 This seems to be the million dollar question, staring me in the face. With every major broadsheet advocating their opinion on spending my vacation in some tourists's paradise. It's that time of the year, when backpacks and rucksacks ,suitcases and handbags and all types of luggage bags are dusted and cleaned, tickets to exotic locations are booked and reservations are made.
 To summarise, the Summer vacation has officially begun.

                               Taking into account the  stressful daily life, incessant rat race and cut throat competition, no wonder holidays have gained a lot of importance and companies like 'The Holidaywallas' are prospering.This being the perfect time, to recharge those diminishing batteries ( not the cell phone's ) and let one's hair down literally and figuratively.

                                For some, it's time to dig those hobbies buried in the attic : it may be a musical instrument ,gardening or those classics stored on the topmost shelf gathering dust. For others it's time to find a new hobby like cooking to pamper their taste buds, learning a new language, dancing or writing a diary.
         The perfect holiday is one that makes you look back and smile at the fun you had.

                              In the end it all boils down to How well you spent your holiday, What memories you take away and the little lessons of life you learnt while on a holiday.

 As for me I'm vacationing at home. No place like it,

The sunday visitor.            



  1. dear sunday visitor what ever u said is right but like u i too like spending my vacations with my family at home coz its the best time we are together or life is so busy tat we dnt get time for each other

  2. I understand that choice completely, I love to visit new destinations, or go off to meet my family, but I am always the very happiest when I am at home, it is my refuge, and where I am always free to be exactly myself!

  3. I agree, Home is the best place there is. You can be yourself at home without worrying about anything!


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