Sunday, 30 December 2012

Resolution 2013

Dear Diary,
                                       With the new year just a few hours away, it’s time to bring out those little books and write down the ‘New Year Resolutions’  which for  once  we  will stick to religiously, and not conveniently  fail to follow, as the popular saying goes: ‘ Promises and Resolutions are both, meant to be broken.’
                                         While those with a sweet tooth, will resolve to stay away from sweets.  Others will resolve, to eat them and exercise, students will resolve to study hard and get good marks, children will resolve to behave well, spendthrifts will resolve to save more, and a few months gone, all the resolutions will be forgotten. I guess it’s because people aim for something they know they will never achieve.
                                       So this year my new  year resolution is pretty simple and I hope one which I can achieve. I want to be a better person than what I was last year, I will smile more often, I will make more friends because you can never ever have too many friends, I’ll spend more time with my loved ones, and I’ll make someone happy. I’ll  do what I do best,  because when you do something you love, it becomes a habit, and slowly an important part of you.
                                        That’s my new year resolution, Hope you have yours ready, one that you will stick to and at the end of the year be proud that you have achieved.

Leaving you with a quote that helped me make my new year resolution :

“What really matters are the moments, when we are passionate or absorbed, or just happy or the ones we keep wanting to replay in our minds, and the people we can’t stop thinking about.”

The Sunday Visitor.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


Dear Diary,
                    I think it’s true, when they said, that the world is full, of all kinds of people. If you are observant enough, you will notice them, and learn from them. I had the golden opportunity, of meeting and learning, from one such person.
                She taught me more, than just the language. She taught me a few essentials, required to live. She showed me, how beautiful and worthwhile, life is. How we miss out, the finer things in life, for want of something better, than what we already have. Her smiles, and her encouraging comments, were the highlight of my day, as I struggled to find a foothold, in a language completely alien to me.

                   Saying Goodbye, as the incredible journey, of exploring life, and the language came to an end,  was one of the hardest things, I had to do. Farewells, are mostly tearful. It’s always difficult to say, Goodbye, be it the professor you really liked, your friend who shifted, or a loved one who is no more.

                    I have never understood till today what is so good in Goodbye, Where is the Good in it? I guess it’s one of those mysteries that remain unanswered. I may not remember every golden rule of grammar she taught me, or the jokes that made me laugh, but I will definitely remember the lessons of life, the pearls of wisdom she shared with me which helped me to be a better person.

 I conclude with a quote that I once came across, which aptly summarizes the nuggets of wisdom, that she gave me.

Life, is about doing the things that make you happy, not the things that please other people. If you can please other people, that’s a plus, but as long as you’re not hurting anyone, you’re golden.

The Sunday Visitor

Sunday, 28 October 2012

AnGry..........No MoRe.........

Dear Diary,
                                 I guess, French classes are doing wonders, not just for my French health, but also my physical and mental health.
                                 Something, that our professor told us recently, set the wheels of my mind in motion. She said, “Why waste your time, in getting angry with someone, when you can use the same time, to do something new, and interesting.”
                                   That thought, kept repeating itself in my mind, and I realized it did make sense. Two minutes, of your life spent on getting angry with someone, is two precious minutes lost, minutes that you will never get back again, two minutes less, to devote to something that you love.
                                   Life is short, we have less time, and if we start spending it, on being angry with people, we are simply squandering it away. Two minutes, is a lot especially when you have, a limited quota of time.
                                    In spite, of your growing friend list on Facebook, there are still friends to be made, new places to discover, new languages to be learnt, new cuisine to be tasted, new songs to be sung, new talents to be discovered, a new book or poem to be written, a new masterpiece to be painted.
                                     With so many options open, and so many things waiting to be done, spending our precious time, in showing our displeasure to someone, seems like  a huge folly. Starting today, choose happiness over anger. Be selfish, when it comes to your time, because it’s precious and ,you have only one life. Live it, Enjoy it. There will always be people, who will anger you, the choice is yours.

                     Signing off with a wonderful quote I came across in Jodi Picoult’s book, ‘My sister’s keeper.’

“  The power of positive thinking works like a pair of wings, to get you where you need to be.”

Think Positive, Be Positive.

The Sunday Visitor.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

MaD or WhAt ?

Dear Diary,

                      In Literature class, our professor told us about a certain method found in madness. Of course, she was referring to it from the literary point of view but that triggered a thought on how often madness is negatively perceived by us.
                          Out of habit we often call people who behave strangely and don't work in a normal way 'MAD.' At some point of time in our life we all have tried to defy the norms of society through our choices, tried to do something different, tried to go beyond the ordinary. People have ridiculed us and laughed at our faces calling us 'MAD' for our radical or maniacal ways.

                          Well the good news is that some of the greatest people on earth: musicians, scientists, artists, painters, explorers etc were all called mad in their time. I think this gave them the impetus to do what they did, because frankly, no one ever keeps expectations from mad people. The Beatles got a chance to create a different kind of music, Columbus insisted on and proved the existence of America, Einstein proved his teachers wrong when they said he was mad and useless. Being termed as mad proved to be a boon for them, so I think being Mad is not necessarily a bad thing.

                        Anyone who lives in their own world is mad. Not just schizophrenics or psychopaths, but also artists, painters, scientists, musicians and day-dreamers. So, if you dream of doing something, of creating something and if people call you mad, guess what, you’re on the route to success. Don’t forget to thank them as they are your greatest supporters.

                        Just as the Mad Hatter tells Alice in Lewis Carroll’s novel when she asks him if she is going mad, and he replies,” I’ll tell you a secret, all the best people in the world are.”

Proud to be mad,

The Sunday Visitor.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Rain over me

Dear Diary,

                               I love the rains. It's my favourite season, in the whole year. Undoubtedly, each season, has it's own specialty. Summer, has it's shorts and Ice-cream. Winter, has the slight chill, but rains for me, holds the most attraction. Nothing, can beat the smell of the wet earth, after the first showers.

                                Like Taylor Swift, croons in Fearless," Something about the way, the street looks when it's just rained." The beauty of the rains, cannot be described. Everything, looks as though it's washed anew, cleansed, and kept out to dry.

                             Rains, always bring out, some beautiful memories: like drenching yourself in the first showers, curling with a classic, and a hot cuppa chocolate, or a cup of chai and pakodas in the desi style, making paper boats, and letting them sail in the gushing streams, splashing around, in every passing puddle, shopping for rain wear, a large group, of friends sharing an umberella and all of them, getting wet in the pretext.

                              To all my pessimist friends, who are able to find faults, with this beautiful season, I just want to tell you,

 'Lif,e is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain.'

                             So, starting today, don't huddle yourself in a confined space, go out there, and drench yourself. It may sound completely stupid but if  you don't do anything stupid now, you will have nothing to laugh about later.

Enjoying the rain, as you read this,

The Sunday Visitor.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Walk to Remember

Dear Diary,

After a lot of contemplation, I have arrived at the conclusion, that human beings are cowards. The main focus of my thoughts were, on how we, humans run away from things. Isn't this, a feature of cowardice?

If you, ever carefully observe humans, you will find them always running. Running for the bus or train. Running away from relationships, away from responsibility, away from our feelings and emotions. Running away from life, and its constant supply, of troubles from some unending source. Running to come first in the rat race. Just running.......

What we fail to realise, is that when we run away from something, we are running towards something.

We often go through life, like shire horses wearing blinkers. While, we are constantly running to and fro, we miss the beautiful moments, that life offers us. In our attempt, to reach the destination, we miss the journey: the sights, sounds and smells it has to offer.

The more we run away, from something, the more it catches up with us.

The wisest thing, to do is to ' STOP RUNNING' and 'START WALKING.' It may sound funny, but if you think about it, it will make sense. Walk through life, at your own pace and face every problem, head on. Everybody is running, You be different, Walk it out.

The road is the same, the destinations is common. It depends on you, whether you want to reach it panting, or smiling. Make your life ,a walk to remember: one, that you can cherish forever.

They say tough times don't last, tough people do,

Be tough, Be different, Be you,

The Sunday Visitor.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Sound Of Music

Dear Diary,

                   A friend recently asked me, what kind of music I liked, and what my favourite genre was. I answered her question, but without a doubt, that set the wheels of my mind churning. Why is music ,classified into the genres we know?  Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Bass, Reggae, Jazz, Gospel, Sufi, Bollywood. Why does it need classification?

                   Personally, for me music is not stereotyped or generalised. It's not just lyrics, paired with a background score. It's much more. It's something that touches the heart, and soothes your soul. Makes you remember, the sound long after it's over, and makes you smile, just at the thought of it.

                 Music can be found, in the laughter of a child, the heart beat of a loved one, the pattering of the raindrops, the gentle lapping of the waves on the seashore,the whisper of the wind, the song of the bird, the hum of a tune, the sweet sound of the whistle.

                  People may disagree with me on this. For a majority, they are just sounds, but if you listen closely, attentively and with all your soul, you will realize, that it is indeed music. Music at it's natural best. Better than the piano, or the guitar is the music that you hear, with your heart.

                 Music is all around us, present in every aspect of our lives. Today, we celebrate World Music Day. If you're a true music lover, keep aside your earphones, for a while just absorb the real music around you. Be sentient: Experience the pulsating beat and tap your feet in time with the music.

Leaving you with some food for thought:

Music is to the soul , what words are to the mind.

The Sunday Visitor.


Friday, 8 June 2012


Dear Diary,

                    For reasons that still elude me, I cannot overcome, my fascination with cartoons. As trivial, as it sounds, I am often unable to change the channel, if one of my favourite cartoons is being screened.

                As kids, all of us had our own favourite cartoons,that we waited for  impatiently, and tried very hard to ape.Unknowingly, we learnt a few important life lessons from them. Here are a few of my favourite ones:

              Tom and Jerry, although they fought constantly ,they always put up a united front ,when faced with adversity, (or in their case other rowdy cats.) Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc ,showed us the importance of  teamwork, unity, co-operation and courage. The show also emphasised. on the old adage ' Dog is Man's best friend.' The biggest and most important lesson, I learnt from them was, to stand by my friends no matter what the circumstance.

           One of the reasons, I love leafy vegetables especially spinach, is because of Popeye-The Sailor Man. Need I write more? Oswald the octopus, will forever stay for me, the epitome of politeness.
Bob-The Builder, taught me the importance, of extending my hand to help others.

       I'm proud to say, that I belong to a generation ,where the cartoons imparted such wonderful values, unlike today's ones like Doraemon, Pokemon, Ben10, Shinchan, Ninja hattori. Don't get me wrong, I have no personal grudges against them. It's  just that , these cartoons have a lot of fighting and violence, in them. If you carefully observe, most of the tools, used by  Ninja Hattori and Doraemon are worthy of war.

It would be really nice, if this 'future generation' was given a dose, of the good old cartoons.

         Watching Cartoons, is often my  'Escapist route', as for that period of time, I'm lost into a world totally different ,from my own. Far better than scripted reality shows, and soppy melodramatic ones.
Cartoons, often are a source of providing, the much needed dose of entertainment ,to the kid within us.

Don't be afraid, of people who say you are too old for cartoons, tell them you're still a kid at heart.

The Sunday Visitor......


Friday, 1 June 2012

Memorable Moments

Dear Diary,

                    I have realized one thing, it's often the simplest question, that leaves people tongue-tied and. is the hardest to answer. I faced a simmilar situation recently, having come across the said question, that made me wonder in my French book.
It went :  Quel est pour vous le meilleur moment de la journée ?

                  For those, who find french equivalent to Greek or Latin, the translation is simple, it means: Which is the best moment, of the day for you?

                  This, made me rack my grey cells, and in a pensive mood think about the answer. If we ever observe carefully, we will realize, that each day of life is filled with beautiful moments. Moments, that pass away unappreciated, because we are too busy with materialistic pleasures, and rarely spare a glance at the world around us.

                    Moments are not just  the big ones, but the small ones too. Nothing like a good laugh shared, with a bunch of old friends. Long walks on the beach, barefoot under the starry sky.Reliving old memories, in a get together. Recieving a  hand written letter, from someone you are very close to, or love dearly. Reading the last few pages of a book, waiting anxiously for the end. Feeling the early morning dew, on the grass Watching kids play, and reminiscing your time as a kid. Watching the sunset ,knowing there can  never be a more beautiful end to a long, tiring day. When someone tells you, something good about you, a quality they admire about you or, even how you have touched their life in your small way.Watching old snaps, and remembering the great time you had.

                     The funny thing about these moments, is that in their time, we were just having fun,
and now, they are memories of times that were ,and times that will never return.

                      So starting today, sieze every opportunity you get. Go forth, find your special moment,
 live it, cherish it, enjoy it before it fades away into nothingness.

Signing off with a favourite phrase,Think about it:

"Life is not a dress rehersal, it's the main event."

The Sunday Visitor.


Saturday, 26 May 2012


Dear Diary,
                   No matter how hard I try, I cannot recollect the last time I heard anyone say 'THANKYOU.' People take everything for granted, and believe that it's their birthright to be served.The attitude of gratitude, is lost and, 'THANKYOU' is a word buried, in the sands of time.

                   If, we ever give it a thought, we will notice that, we have a lot to be thankful for. Thankful to God, for the gift of life ,through our parents, for blessing us with everything, for each new day,  that he adds to our lifespan, the opportunities that come our way. For the things, he does not grant us, as he knows what is best for us, and gives us much more.

                    Thankful to our parents, for nurturing us and providing us, with evrything even if it meant, sacrificing their wishes.Thankful to our siblings, for their constant companionship, their advice and their help. Our loved ones, for their prayers,care and concern.

                   Thankful to our teachers, for their encouragement and criticism which fuels us to do better. Our friends, for standing by us and supporting us.Our neighbors, for being there in times of need.Those around us, at the lower rung of the social ladder, like the milkman the postman, who make life easy for us.

                   'THANKYOU' can be described, as this beautiful word in English, that encompasses the feeling of gratitude. Feeling of being indebted, to someone for their slightest action.People have a strong misconception, that by saying thankyou they will lose their respect, which is not true. Thankyou only proves, that you acknowledge the favour and are grateful about it.

              Starting today, thank the people around you ,and let them know what they have done is meaningful and worthwhile.

Signing off with a beautiful phrase,

" The real worth of a person can be gauged by the way they trreat their subordinates and what better way to acknowledge it than a simple thankyou?"

The Sunday Visitor.

P.S The title means Thankyou in 3 different languages: French,Spanish and German.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Those Childhood days

Dear Diary,

                    I recently watched, a fantastic movie called, 'The Time Machine.' Ever since, a thought is constantly invading my mind . Hypothetically, if ever a time machine was built and mortals like us, were given an opportunity, to visit any phase of our life span, which one would it be? Undoubtedly, many people would visit the future, to know what's in store for them.

                         As for me, I would love to visit my childhood. It may sound downright weird, or even funny to some, but that's the period i'd rather have anyday.Those days of carefree innocence, and bliss when, we never worried about the world. Days of endless chatter, when the 'SILENCE' button was relatively unknown.When, we prided ourselves on our achievements, no matter how small.

                    Days, when we swore our loyalty to friends, and stuck by it, watching our friend's back everytime.Revenge and Hatred, did not exist in our dictionary at that time. The time, when we did not posess, the art of diplomacy but, were open and honest. Where the smallest action, of those around could make us burst into peals of laughter, and where our vocabulary, was restricited to good words.

                  Days filled with awe, and wonder and questions, on every little thing.Days, when an eraser magically wiped away all mistakes.When, swinging to the sky, was our only aim. When Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan were our companions, in the land of dreams. Where, the first showers of monsoons meant, dancing in the rain and bearing it's consequences later. Those days, when life itself was perfect, and could not get any better.

                I often consider myself incredibly blessed, on having such a wonderful childhood. As people mature, they suppress the kid within them, and refuse to believe in childish things, like magic and angels. I feel very sad for these people, because childhood is not just a phase, or an aspect that gradually fades away, but a part of our life, whose memories remain with us forever. The kid within us, a reminder that were kids too, once upon a time.

I'm signing off, with a favourite phrase, from the above mentioned movie.

"We all have our own time machines. Those, that take us back in time are memories, and the ones , which carry us forward are dreams."

Reliving beautiful memories,
The Sunday Visitor.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Of the real Superhero

Dear Diary,
                   A diehard moviebuff friend, recently watched 'The Avengers.' Gushing rave reviews, she sudddenly asked me a question, that made me halt in my tracks. The question was, "Who is your favourite Superhero"?  The question though incredibly simple, made me wonder. I knew she wanted an answer, like Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, or even ' Your friendly neighbour - Spidey' for that matter. Trying my level best, I could not get myself to answer that question.

                 You may ask, what's so difficult in answering it ? Honestly, for me, they are just a figment of someone's imagination, someone's creativity, brought to life. Undoubtedly they fight against evil and all, but they are not real superheroes.A superhero, as the word suggests, is someone who is beyond the ordinary, someone who makes life worthwhile for others, who stands for what is right, the silent one, who never makes a big show of his actions.

                    For me a real superhero, is that single mother who inspite of doing two jobs, still manages to make it for every important event in her child's life. The silent dad, who looks after every neeed but is seldom thanked. Soldiers at the border, and cops in our area because of whom we sleep soundly at night. The doctors who deprive themselves of their sleep during emergencies. The common man who shows solidarity and generosity in times of need and deep crisis. NGO's  who are striving to make a difference.

                   I have realised that a superhero is not necessarily someone who flies, or possesses supercool gadgets, but someone with a will ,determination, courage and most importantly a heart. There's a superhero within everyone. you just need to find him.  Swallow your fear, stop thinking about the world, and the consequences of your actions, and for once do what is right,and what your heart tells you to.

Unleash the Superhero within,
The Sunday Visitor.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't Bag it !!

Dear Diary,

                 I am often astounded at the amount of baggage people carry.No, I am not referring to the 'Arrive in style - Skybags' or 'The Smart International Backpacks, by American Tourister'  but the emotional baggage of hurt, envy, jealousy, regret and hatred.

                 These bags serve no good purpose, except burden our overburdened shoulders, restrict our growth and prevent us, from being better humans. It makes us prejudiced and heartless and we are unable to accept and love people the way they are.

                 I have realised that if you are one of those, who carry this luggage around, no shrink, self - help books can help you.The smartest thing to do is to leave it behind you ,while learning from the experience.

                  In this journey called life, you will meet and greet a few people, who will teach you a thing or two. You will have good experiences and bad ones, both contribute in making you the person you are today. Never shy away from it. Everyone has their quota of mistakes and often people cross the limit.

             Forgiving someone is a hard virtue, but not entirely impossible. If you forgive someone you are forgiven yourself. Forgive, so that you can move on and be a better person than you were, yesterday.

               As my friend says " why fill your bags with so much negativity when you can fill them with ample of postivity ( read, clothes, books, chocolates, jewellery and lots of love)".

Fill your bags with joy and love and pass them around. It will come back to you doubled in measure.

Signing off,  with a favourite sentence from a famous, Justin Timberlake song,

What goes around, comes around........

The Sunday Visitor.



Sunday, 22 April 2012

Blissful Holidays

Dear Diary,

So Where are you headed this summer?

                 This seems to be the million dollar question, staring me in the face. With every major broadsheet advocating their opinion on spending my vacation in some tourists's paradise. It's that time of the year, when backpacks and rucksacks ,suitcases and handbags and all types of luggage bags are dusted and cleaned, tickets to exotic locations are booked and reservations are made.
 To summarise, the Summer vacation has officially begun.

                               Taking into account the  stressful daily life, incessant rat race and cut throat competition, no wonder holidays have gained a lot of importance and companies like 'The Holidaywallas' are prospering.This being the perfect time, to recharge those diminishing batteries ( not the cell phone's ) and let one's hair down literally and figuratively.

                                For some, it's time to dig those hobbies buried in the attic : it may be a musical instrument ,gardening or those classics stored on the topmost shelf gathering dust. For others it's time to find a new hobby like cooking to pamper their taste buds, learning a new language, dancing or writing a diary.
         The perfect holiday is one that makes you look back and smile at the fun you had.

                              In the end it all boils down to How well you spent your holiday, What memories you take away and the little lessons of life you learnt while on a holiday.

 As for me I'm vacationing at home. No place like it,

The sunday visitor.            


Monday, 16 April 2012


Dear Diary,

I have noticed life today has become so stressful people have no time to laugh. Laughter has become a rarity. Earlier people smiled with their eyes and their hearts the smile was genuine and now it's just replaced by a fake plastic smile the kind that has no meaning but it’s there.

the sound of someone's laughter always brings a smile to our face it lightens our hearts and makes us realize that life is about small things it’s about dancing in the rain not caring if we get wet, or eating an ice cream on a hot summers day inspire of it melting and running down our hands. It's about giving to others without expectations of receiving.

A smile is the cheapest Gift we can give anyone its free of cost but worth a lot. it brightens our day as well as the other persons and not to forget its contagious it passes around faster than the flu. I’ve heard someone saying "always smile in the morning it makes people wonder what you did last night......"

Determined to make the world smile,
The Sunday visitor

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